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Free Web Hosting

There are diverse types of cost-free web hosting services, depending on the textual, visual and aural content that the service providers allow to be hosted in the free accounts. Since there is no cost involved, this is an excellent way to share website files, photographs or opinions on the World Wide Web.

Free Hosting

The first, most commonly used type is the free web hosting solution itself. With this web hosting type, each client acquires an account on a server together with a number of other persons. Each account includes some web storage space, bandwidth and memory load quotas to ensure that all the subscribers on the hosting server get their cut of the system resources. The majority of hosting suppliers are able to offer free hosting services because of the fact that they insert adverts on the websites hosted on their web servers. Thus, a cost-free user account is appropriate for small-size personal or family sites, class projects, etc. There are different subcategories under this hosting type - cost-free MySQL hosting, CGI script hosting, etc., but in the majority of cases, a normal free web space hosting user account comprises all of these, so you can have all the textual, visual and aural content and databases for your websites in a single place.

Free File Web Hosting

nucific bio x4 Another type of free-of-charge hosting is the file web hosting service, also famous as file storage. In this case, the client obtains an account to upload and share huge website files, typically with a given file size allowance. For each file, the server creates a unique code, so the client has to share his code with anybody who wishes to download the files. With a file hosting user account, PHP and HTML files are exhibited in a directory, but their textual, visual or aural content is not exhibited in a browser, so such a user account cannot be used for a web site. Like with the website hosting service, this free solution also entails ads shown close to the download links, and frequently there is a certain interval one should wait until the actual download hyperlink turns active. With the evolution and escalating use of broadband Internet, specific service providers also give you the possibility to preview video files saved on their web hosting servers.

Free-of-Charge Image Hosting

The third popular type of charge-free hosting is the image hosting service. Clients can upload separate pictures or whole photo albums and share them with acquaintances, collaborators or random individuals. As just certain file types can be uploaded, such a user account cannot be utilized for anything else but images. Again, advertisements are inserted beside each photograph or there may be a countdown clock and users may have to wait till the photograph is loaded. This variety of web hosting is chiefly used to host big-size pictures and share them on websites or Internet forums.

How To Pick The Right Cost-Free Web Site Hosting Distributor?

The majority of the service providers that deliver charge-free web page hosting solutions depend on advertisements to gain revenue. Given top free website hosting service providers, however, furnish cost-free plans with no ads whatsoever. They offer both cost-free and professional paid plans, and their revenue is generated from the professional paid accounts, which allows them to offer quality free-of-cost solutions too. Thus, clients who would not like to spend cash or do not have the money, can get a good hosting package, and those who wish to test the web hosting service prior to buying, can do so too. The no-ad web page hosting service is of joint interest to both the provider and the user, so it is attaining recognition.

One of the preferred free hosting companies at the moment, endorsed by hundreds of thousands of clients from around the Earth, is FreeHostia. Their free hosting package enables you to run multiple web sites without forced ads and includes functionalities similar to those of the professional cheap hosting plans.

What About Premium Web Space Hosting?

With or without ads, free-of-charge web space hosting accounts include limited system resources and capabilities and are not good for sites with lots of web site files or multiple website visitors. If you sign up with a charge-free web site hosting distributor, like FreeHostia, which offers paid web space hosting solutions as well, you may contemplate upgrading to take advantage of additional functionality and more resources.

An alternative option would be to order a professional web page hosting account at an economical rate from a web host such as AUCEAN hosting, which furnishes unlimited web hosting services and even offers a cost-free domain with selected web site hosting packages. AUCEANhosting's shared web hosting packages can host any kind of website - from a personal online blog to a community web portal or an online store.

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Order Order Order
Disk Storage 0.25 GB 0.5 GB 12 GB
Network Traffic 6 GB 12 GB 150 GB
Hosted Domains 5 10 20
Domains Parked Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes 3 100 300
FTP Accounts 1 2 6
1-click App Installation Tool YES YES YES
Website Creation Tool YES YES YES
Free Top Level Domain Name NO NO NO
Node.js Optional Optional Optional
Memcached Optional Optional Optional
Service Uninterruptedness

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